· Portland, Oregon
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Entry-level
Compensation $55,000- $65,000

Letter from Kinesis CEO, Shawn Busse:

A Copywriter at Kinesis is a curious, strategic thinker. This is a great entry point for someone looking for a dynamic career with a growing company. You’ll thrive in this role if you absolutely love writing content, start with “why” rather than “what,” and know how to ask meaningful questions. You can write clearly and effectively across different mediums, and most importantly, you are passionate about small businesses and their impact in the community.

We value lived experiences and perspectives that are different from those most commonly represented. For that reason, we are especially interested in welcoming new team members who come from diverse communities and bring different skills, viewpoints, and ideas to our collaborations.

In this role, you’ll support our Strategy and Creative Teams in producing powerful messaging and positioning. Our clients are B2B companies with complex services, who use education and storytelling as meaningful differentiators. Partnering with them on a variety of internal and external initiatives allows us to amplify their remarkability and catalyze their business growth.

Kinesis was founded 21 years ago and our roots are in marketing, so many of our tools are inspired by that field. For example, we still create badass brand identities, and we value empathy as a source of insight. Over the past decade, our work has evolved to encompass all areas of business – but an understanding of branding and marketing would serve you well here.

To help you get a sense of whether this opportunity is a good fit for you:

  • Do you enjoy the pace and versatility of supporting multiple clients?
  • Do you love, love, love writing? As in you could do it day-in and day-out?
  • Do you have plenty of experience (professional or otherwise) writing original content?
  • Do you manage your own time and energy well so you can follow through on commitments?
  • Do you want a mix of independent work and intensive collaboration?
  • Are you looking for a team that values each other not just as contributors but as people?

If you answered “yes,” to these questions, we’d love to learn more about you!


Shawn Busse, CEO at Kinesis

About Kinesis

Our mission is Transformation. For our clients, we catalyze meaningful change and help them grow, whether it’s in size or sophistication. We challenge ourselves to envision possibilities beyond the status quo, take risks to reinvent the way forward, and appreciate each chance to expand our perspective.

At Kinesis, we are creating a human-centered business. That means we treat our team as capable, independent, and curious adults. We believe humans are always evolving, and one of our most important ambitions is to create an environment where people are supported in learning and growing — professionally and personally.

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Kinesis is an equal opportunity employer. But this means more than just challenging discrimination — it means we consciously strive to create a more equitable future together for our team, vendors, and clients. We value different perspectives in our collaboration, as they enable us to learn and grow. So as an equity-affirming company, we seek out, encourage, and engage with individuals and groups across the totality of our community — and welcome life experiences and backgrounds that are not already represented on our team.

We also believe in the importance of our work with small businesses, since they can be a powerful agent of positive transformation in our communities. As such, we acknowledge that we need to do more to make diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts an ongoing focus for ourselves and our partners. We recognize that we need to work intentionally against oppressive structures and our own biases. We embrace this as an ongoing practice that permeates through all aspects of our business, and we’re committed to measuring our progress.

Our Clients

We work with small businesses (between $3 and $50 million in revenue) in the B2B space, ranging from data analytics to contract manufacturing. You can meet some of them on our website.

What they have in common: they are energized by a bold vision for the future, and they care about their employees, customers, and communities. We often remark to each other how much we learn from them, and how excited we are to partner with them in their strategic endeavors. And we want to keep that going — which is why we are very selective about whom we welcome on board as a client.

Business as a Force for Good

In 2016 Kinesis became a certified B Corp, which means we hold ourselves to high social and environmental standards. Since then, we have been using the B Corp guidelines to uncover ways we can do even better in how we treat each other, those around us, and our shared resources.

Learn more about how purpose-driven companies are making for a better world!

Key Outcomes: A Thriving Team, Remarkable Work, and Financial Resilience

We believe in clear priorities over granular metrics. With that, we’ve identified the below questions as the most important indicators of success at Kinesis:

How am I energizing the team?

We don’t have A-players or rock stars here — we have a team. In our work, we look to support and inspire each other. There is no prescription on how to do that; it takes self-awareness, initiative, and good communication.

How am I co-creating remarkable work?

Sometimes, the most remarkable things don’t seem glamorous — but they have a transformative impact. Whether it’s asking a thoughtful question or proposing a new process, we always look for ways to think more deeply and imagine more freely.

How am I contributing to financial resilience?

One way to do this is to be resourceful in your work. You might draw upon similar projects or rework a process to create efficiencies without compromising on quality. Another opportunity is to nurture strong relationships with our team and clients. We share company financials openly, so you see how your actions expand our possibilities to give back to our team and community.

Who You Are

At Kinesis, core values, abilities, and a demonstrable track record are more important to us than direct experience. That said, we’ve found the below qualifications should give you a solid foundation for the Copywriter role:

  • At least of 2 years’ experience regularly producing original content. If this was in a professional setting, even better!
  • A strong writing portfolio demonstrating impeccable spelling and grammar, and a consistent voice across a variety of topics.
  • Strong organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail. Please include the words pink elephant in your cover letter.
  • Understanding of and appreciation for small business. Experience in a small business environment is a plus.

What You’ll Do

Content Development

  • Collaborate with clients to get to the essence of the company’s story
  • Create the brand “voice” of a company and carry it through all channels
  • Create variety of messaging for clients — including (but not limited to) blog posts, whitepapers, websites, internal cultural content, etc.
  • Communicate complex technical information in a clear, compelling way
  • Maintain high standards of copywriting, proofing, editing and quality control on all copy, with an aptitude for creative, marketing, and strategic thinking

Project Management

  • Understand assignment objectives and their value to the clients and the Kinesis team
  • Manage and prioritize workload to align with timelines
  • Seek out feedback — utilize constructive criticism as your foundation for learning and growth
  • Collaborate with Strategy and Creative Teams and nurture productive relationships
  • Stay open to changes and experiments


  • Participate in client calls to ask questions, gather information, or present your work
  • Support the Strategy Team in various tasks — from research, to administration, to production
  • Manage production and population (and become familiar with) WordPress, MailChimp, Hootsuite, and more

Where You’ll Go

While this is an entry-level position, this role is the perfect starting point to open doors to a variety of possible career paths with Kinesis. One path forward could be to move into a Content Strategist role — but we try not to be prescriptive with professional development. Our growth enables yours, and over the years we’ve added a number of new positions based on individual strengths and interests.


Within each role, we strive to be consistent with compensation — which means everyone with similar experience and tenure receives the same salary. We don’t engage in individual salary negotiations because we believe in paying people well for their work and that compensation should be fair and objective. Our salary ranges are above-average based on surveys conducted in the Portland market, and we make them transparent to the team. For this position, the salary range is $55,000- $65,000 based on experience and tenure at Kinesis.


We’re proud to offer a generous benefits package, especially for a small business such as ours. It’s designed to support our team not just as workers, but as human beings with a variety of needs. We encourage people to take their vacations and stick to a 40-hour work week when possible, so everyone can recharge their energy. As we grow, we are looking to expand our benefits package even further. We currently offer:

  • Paid medical benefits and access to a pre-tax and employer co-funded Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account (HSA / FSA)
  • 401(k) with 4% employer match
  • 5 weeks of Paid Time Off after your first year (4 weeks your first year), plus 8 paid holidays
  • Flexible options to work from home
  • Employer-paid short-term disability coverage
  • Employer-paid life insurance
  • Access to ergonomic workstations and allowance for outfitting your home office
  • Continuing education opportunities and employer-paid learning events
  • Dedicated time for professional development + access to coaching and development software
  • Parent and childcare resources
  • Employer-paid volunteer time

To keep our team and families as safe as possible during the global pandemic, Kinesis has transitioned to an entirely distributed workforce. Because of this change to our working environment, the following benefits have been paused. We plan to re-evaluate these benefits as conditions change.

  • Carpool reimbursements, bike commute rewards, and pre-tax transit reimbursement
  • Friday team lunches have been replaced with virtual happy hours

Final Thoughts…

Working at Kinesis is more than a job. It’s an opportunity to grow with a team that truly cares about one another. We are continuously reinventing how we work and strive to create an environment centered around people. Our policies and procedures are as simple as possible and as complex as necessary. If you are looking for a place with pre-determined molds and KPIs measuring individual success, this is not it. We find the people who love working here are self-managed, open to ambiguity, ready to show up with authenticity, and driven to figure things out as a team. Resilience, resourcefulness, and a growth mindset serve Kinesians well. Everyone here is highly engaged, with the work as well as with each other. We expect nothing less. If this all sounds like a place where you’d thrive, we are excited to hear from you. Good luck!

Next Steps

To apply, fill out the application on this page — and be sure to include three writing samples in the same file as your cover letter. Your writing style is more important to us than any specific training or experience — so, show us what you can do! If you have professional writing experience, that’s a great place to start – but we’re also interested in any written piece you’re particularly proud of. If possible, use this as an opportunity to demonstrate multiple voices, topics, or types of content.

Thank You

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  • Location
    Portland, Oregon
  • Employment Type
  • Minimum Experience
  • Compensation
    $55,000- $65,000